• Jimmy's newest offering to the magic community-Choppo collector's edition

    I'm adding a longtime favorite to the collector offerings that are on my Jimmy Fingers' Magic Shop page, and it's been quite a wait. Choppo, the world's only completely ungimmicked arm chopper, NOW IN EXOTIC WOODS! It will come with a carrying case, high end hardware, numbered, certificate of authenticity, and connected to a physical NFT of the collector's choice. Also available, Jimmy ORIGINAL first prototype Choppo, built by legendary GIMPY, Steve Corbett. Double the collectible value of your investment by getting the FIRST craftsman built Choppo, with the rare, ecru inlay that says that you're part of the genesis of the most deceptive, coveted wrist chopper anywhere!

  • The move that never happened-Jimmy's Show in Florida

    Welcome to The Mob Blog, my new blog that gives you the latest insight into what's up with me, Jimmy Fingers.  As some of you know, after the beginning of the new year, I was planning on moving to St. Petersburg, Florida to perform and do other work with Hollywood star of magic Sisuepahn Phila. Sisuepahn is a regular at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and a star of television and stage. Her previous partner for several decades was the late Brian Gillis, a favorite of Johnny Carson back in the 80's. They had an amazing code act, and she still is the mistress of magnetism with her take on the Georgia Magnet act that has been featured on national television by Penn and Teller.  After I consulted with her on that act and other elements of her performances, she realized that I would be the logical choice to succeed Brian as her performing partner. I was thrilled to be chosen by such an amazing magician, and I booked a flight to check out the landscape and do a preliminary show in St. Pete.  We put together a plan for me to move my life in Galveston out to the west gulf coast of Florida. We were going to find a shuttle bus in the Houston area, purchase it, and load that bus up with my posessions, and drive the bus to the Tampa/St. Pete destination.

    However, something happened on the way to the forum. There were a lot of moving parts to the plan, and several pieces failed to come through. The deal was very flimsy.

    The most important failure was the shuttle bus' condition when we showed up at the Houston intercontinental airport to pick it up.  The son of the man selling the bus to us accidentally filled the bus up with conventional gasoline, when the bus was a diesel. No go. And we didn't have time to have the repair done and return to Florida in time to meet our obligations. I was already booking shows in the Tampa market.

    The next problems arose with purchasing a minivan to take the place of the shuttle bus. Sisuepahn and I both felt that a Dodge/Chrysler minivan would make a great addition to the performance arsenal that we were amassing. But, once again, we weren't quite able to put together a viable deal, and we once again back to the drawing board. At that point, Sisuepahn decided to put those resources into care for her mother in Anaheim. She was planning to move her to the St. Pete area. 

    I was left without a way to transport my possessions, and ultimately, I chose to stay in Houston and brush up on my media promotions and SEO optimization before making the big move to Florida.

    We really bit off a bit more than we could chew, and we're currently rethinking the aspects of the move, possibly completing it again in the future. In the meantime, I will attempt to take advantage of the end of the snowbird tourist season in Florida, and fly out there to perform for a few days at a time. 

    Once that season is over, I'll be back in Galveston for the Texas tourist seasons of spring, summer and fall. I may end up having situations in both states. But, for now, I'm just concentrating on staying put and improving my promotional materials and my knowledge of delivering them in a moderate, low pressure, effective way.




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