Jimmy's Choppo-The ungimmicked wrist chopper

Classic ingenuity

Bulletproof principle

Devastatingly detailed craftsmanship

"This fooled me badly and I have seen it five times now at various conventions"-Stucky, master magician

"Whoa, hard to believe nothing is gimmicked!"-Gene Tony, American magician

"Fooled the heck out of me many times over. The method for this is very clever. Never have I seen a routine "fry" (and I do mean FRY, people) like CHOPPO did!  Not only was the audience in a complete state of amazement, but ALL of the performers were completely speechless. Nobody had ever seen anything like this before and all of us were completely dumbfounded...and that's not easy to do to a cast made up of magicians. I just got mine in the mail and all I can say is WOW!!!!! Mighty Awesome..."-Christopher Lyle, magician, balloon artist, comedian

"This piece is a work of art..."-W. O. Oz, magician and critic

"Jimmy showed this off at an IHOP in Vegas after our show. It is very deceptive and just looks great in action. Jimmy has a very clever mind when it comes to making effects simple, and strong. This always equates into crazy deceptive methods. All of his works have a place in magic and are very solid. If you are looking for a good arm chopper, it looks like this is the one to get."-Loki Kross, master magician and inventor

"Just got mine which has number 2 inscribed.  Other choppers are TOYS compared to this. This has every detail covered, and built like a (beautiful) tank!"-Clyde Hayre, magician and one of Jimmy's biggest supporters

"The working of this is brilliant!! I am excited about adding it to my shows. I'm totally impressed with its design and the construction! Wonderful prop!"-Carl E. Jones, another Texas magician

"Especially nice that you do not need a table to perform this. I have just about eliminated all the effects in my show that need a table. I like it all to be done in the hands in front of my body and in front of the spectators. This effect is perfect for my style. When I saw Jimmy's demo, I WAS VERY IMPRESSED. And I am very hard to impress. Jimmy made the lame trick into a world-class entertainment routine. I had to watch it several times to find when he did the "secret something" and even when I figured out when he did it, I COULD NOT SEE IT! Everything Jimmy has done with this is GREAT! I think making it bigger(to fit the arm) and the other subtleties makes it so much more convincing. Thanksso much for releasing this. You have literally turned straw into gold!"-Ace, New Orleans magician

"Choppo is a beautifully constructed prop. I never had a chopper of any type before this one, and I'm glad I waited. It's a real fooler, yet looks so simple and innocent, in a suitably dangerous kind of way."-Maxfields Magic

"The best, most amazing effects are simple and elegant in concept and
design. Choppo is that for sure. Congratulations Jimmy!"
- Kevin James

"Choppo fooled me for a long time. It's a great centerpiece of Jimmy's
act. The rest of you are just lucky he is finally sharing it. "
- Bizzaro, superstar of magic

"By far, the most deceptive chopper ever!" - Jeff McBride,

Fools many of the top magicians in Vegas! Deceptive handling turns this imposing, dangerous looking prop into an instant classic. Nothing to hide, nothing to find. Just powerful, impactful magic! $495.00 USD plus $25 domestic U.S. shipping

Collector edition HERE

"Jimmy Fingers' "Choppo" Killer prop, it is the Mercedes of wrist choppers. Nothing is gimmicked and everything appears innocent and is examinable IF you wanted to do so. It is also very portable. There is nothing to break or go wrong. Check out the link to the performance video above. I like it a lot and highly recommend it."-Harry Murphy, Maryland

"The Jimmy Fingers' Choppo is a very strong effect..."-David Todd, magician

"Add me to the fans of Choppo! I know. $495 plus shipping. BUT! Like ME, you can SAVE for it! It's a worker... Myself, I would NOT use ANY other chopper than Choppo!"-Dougini, another of my really awesome supporters

master of all magicians, Joran Belar from Star Trek, owner of the prestigious Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas

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